Lift Etiquette

Safety is our number one priority! 

  • Hold both stocks (poles) in one hand, points forward - both in the queue and on the lift.

  • Move away from unloading areas quickly - this is for your safety and to make room for others behind you to off-load.

  • Stay in the track under the lift cable at all times - failure to do so may cause cable derailments, interruption of the lift and possible injury.

  • Concentrate and steer uphill - just as you would going downhill, don't expect the lift to do all the work.

  • T-bars are designed for two people - unless you pay for two lift tickets, you must travel with someone else when the lift is busy. Team up with an experienced buddy who can help you. If you are experienced, help a novice and make everyone's day better.

  • Do not offload just before a tower - the retracting Poma or Tbar may catch on the tower or cause the cable to derail.

  • Obey signs and the operators instructions - "get off here" means exactly that - not 5-10 metres further uphill.

  • Orange conduits are a reminder - not an obstacle course.

  • Never use any lift structure as a climbing frame - this is a very dangerous and potentially uninsured activity.

  • Never walk under lift lines - this applies all year round.

Deliberate failure to observe these simple rules will result in cancellation of your ticket. The decision of management is final. Your safety and that of the other users is paramount.